layered photo: geometric and painters palette-like abstraction seen through transparent door.
Overlapping folds of reality. image Bill Gore Photography

Imagine a fantasy realm where nobody is content to live a single life at a time. Everybody is conscious of multiple worlds that are like twisted skeins of truth, a roiling rope of realities. What kind of planet would you use as a setting?

I would use Earth, because we…

Image by Gerd Altmann, Pixabay

Kate, a police detective investigating a multiple murder, wakes up to find a strange man in bed with her and a strange thing in her infant son’s bed. The substitutions weren’t even human, they were some kind of revolting and soulless copies. …

Dead tree trunk amid lush foliage and blue light
Image: Ted Wade

My friend Joe S, our lab manager, had a lot to teach me. A dark-haired American Irishman with, I gathered, IRA connections, he was all about rough justice. When I asked how you decide what judges to vote for he said to always vote them all out. …

ESA/Hubble & NASA, J. C. Tan (Chalmers University & University of Virginia), R. Fedriani (Chalmers University), Acknowledgement: Judy Schmidt

“Advanced aliens really are out there, and we have enough data to say roughly where they are in space and time, and when we will meet or see them.” Robin Hanson,

The Paradox

There is no consensus here on Earth that we have detected ET aliens, either near us or greatly…

Tree on hillside backed by trippy cloudy sky
Miracle at a train stop — Bill Gore Photography

“Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.
Herein lies the peace of God.”
A Course in Miracles

The contemplation of miraculous events often leads to fruitless disagreement about big deals like the nature of reality. …

rusty chains
Gotta break those chains. Photo by Manuel Sardo on Unsplash

“No need to ask, He’s a Smooth Operator” — Sade Adu

A free man doesn’t worry about vaccines. If there’s an epidemic, somebody will make a vaccine and sell it to him. Won’t take any time at all without government interference. Somebody else will test it, make sure it works…

Brenden, I find this approach to myth unhelpful. First of all, “myth” seems to be used for anything that you believe in. So why not just call it “belief”? This confusion leads to statements like this pull quote from Gabriel: “Whereas fire is sacred for the Brahmans, the scientific approach…

Surreally layered and colored sidewalk scene
Bill Gore Photography

“This feels so unreal.” — Nearly all of us, sometime during the pandemic

Each of us has a brain that constructs realities for us, using our senses and memory boxes of dusty debris from the unconscious attic. Our biological survival depends on our discerning base reality from our imaginings and…

Image: Pixabay

The personal genetic information service, 23andMe, just announced that it will merge with a Virgin Group shell corporation to become a public company. The purpose is a “more personalized and proactive approach to healthcare … [via] innovation and disruption.” This might not be a completely good thing.

The merger comes…

Images: T. Wade, Amboseli Baboon Research Project, Unsplash

“I think therefore I am.” Consciousness is the most private of private things. Yet arguably we develop consciousness primarily in interaction with other people, and the intensely human nature of our consciousness evolved in response to a striking rise in complexity of primate social life.

There’s strong support from science…

Ted Wade @SentientArtifact

3 life phases. Monkey sociobiology. Medical data search/AI. Now = Sentience: its limits and artifacts.

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