Massively hegemonizing, wickedly indifferent aliens are on their way here

ESA/Hubble & NASA, J. C. Tan (Chalmers University & University of Virginia), R. Fedriani (Chalmers University), Acknowledgement: Judy Schmidt

“Advanced aliens really are out there, and we have enough data to say roughly where they are in space and time, and when we will meet or see them.” Robin Hanson,

The Paradox

There is no consensus here on Earth that we have detected ET aliens, either near us or greatly…

Brenden, I find this approach to myth unhelpful. First of all, “myth” seems to be used for anything that you believe in. So why not just call it “belief”? This confusion leads to statements like this pull quote from Gabriel: “Whereas fire is sacred for the Brahmans, the scientific approach…

A public company has less incentive for good behavior

Image: Pixabay

The personal genetic information service, 23andMe, just announced that it will merge with a Virgin Group shell corporation to become a public company. The purpose is a “more personalized and proactive approach to healthcare … [via] innovation and disruption.” This might not be a completely good thing.

The merger comes…

Ted Wade @SentientArtifact

3 life phases. Monkey sociobiology. Medical data search/AI. Now = Sentience: its limits and artifacts.

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